Healthy Children’s Programs & Nutrition

Read Up Parents!  Your Children’s Health Depends On You…

HealthDude operates and exists on the sole premise that OUR future belongs to our children.  This is probably the most important aspect of long-term health and poses the question, “what was your diet and physical activity level when you were a kid?”  This question could act as a positive or negative benchmark, but either way it is an excellent opportunity to make the most powerful impact on you and your family’s lives.

Note: It can’t be said enough but a healthy childhood not only starts with but depends on the Parents. Use HealthDude to promote positive attitudes about food, fitness, and body image.

Children are the precious future. Whatever we as mentors demonstrate or say they will mimic and repeat. Too many times have we failed to eat right and now are children are following our steps and growing up in obesity. Introduce kids to fruits and vegetables early and they will continue to eat them from then on. It is too simple to eat fast food and get lazy – avoid fast food. Energize your health and your family by making healthy choices and planning your meals. When we are adults it is our duty to make sound choices and that we lead by example. Keep the processed food out of the house and stay active with your children. So kids this section is for you. If you stand for children, connect on Facebook and LIKE the “My Kids Initiative” for nutrition clinics. You can read more about it below.

HealthDude Tip:

Start Early – “The younger you instill good healthy habits in your children the easier it is to maintain throughout their childhood and in turn throughout their entire lives. This can be easily achieved through fun hands-on nutrition education activities.

With child obesity skyrocketing among low income families dealing with busy work schedules and the abundance of inexpensive “convenience food” or Fast Food, the responsibility of the parents has increased exponentially as well.  It’s just too common and easy for parents to let down their guard and give in to convenience letting their families as well as their own health deteriorate, don’t let life get in the way. We must instill healthy habits and enable them to last.

HealthDude Activities
There are an abundance of activities and games that can stimulate a positive learning experience.  One such activity is “Food Bingo,” where kids play Bingo and get challenged to eat different vegetables in order to win the game.

Another amazingly fruitful exercise are smoothie classes, which are probably the most fun and exhilarating for the children.  The reactions to this particular activity are priceless, the children jump up and down in anticipation of drinking their new healthy creation.  This experience not only introduces them to healthy fruits and vegetables by learning about the ingredients but the experience can be linked to nutrition education reading with books that help children easily understand the benefits and importance of eating healthy.

Parents can teach their children about nutrition at home by helping them to make a smoothie with several different healthy food options as ingredients and teach them about mixing protein, vitamins carbohydrates, and fats. Explain to them why agave is a healthy alternative to sugar. During the session have your children volunteer tol assist in making the smoothies. Drink them together and further explain the healthy benefits of each ingredient letting them know how important healthy eating is for their body.

Ingredients:  Berries, Oranges, Mangoes, Bananas, Pears, Almond Milk, Vanilla Yogurt, Ice, Spinach, Fish Oil, Agave Nectar

HealthDude Presents, The Food Pal & Smoothie Time!

HealthDude Children’s Program Implementation

This section’s purpose is to allow educators to get a sample of some of the topics and programs that can be easily taught to children. There are several areas of overlap which can be broken down in to manageable sections, the trick is to build novel, educational, and fun games that demonstrate key health concepts that will last.  This curriculum is good for ages 6 – 12.   For more information or tips on implementing the curriculum please contact the HealthDude.

Attention Schools & Children’s Facilities! – Join HealthDude in support of our children’s nutrition clinics – An important initiative for our kids’ health, our families, our community, and our local economy.

We offer tips and free classes to both teachers and students for all ages. Certification programs for students, teachers, chefs, and parents available. Below you will find HealthDude’s curriculum; a government compliant program. We have many techniques and ideas to make your nutrition education program a success. HealthDude also offers consultation on your food program in order to make it nutritionally sound and federally compliant. Please check out the HealthDude Consultation Services section for more information on our services.

Get HealthDude Certified!

Being HealthDude certified is not only gaining health education and the tools to apply it to you and your family’s lives but it is to officially declare your health and your family’s health as priority number one.  This realization will have a ripple effect of massive change throughout your entire life and more importantly you children’s lives, and can only happen when your newly acquired knowledge becomes a daily application.  Health education will be a powerful tool that will save thousands if not millions of lives because severity of this world epidemic. The HealthDude certification was designed to keep you up-to-date with latest protocols and methods for teaching and applying health in your family as well as within your school curriculum.


Children’s Program Curriculum

Healthy Media for Children

In order reach a younger audience new strategies for promoting health awareness are now available.

Check out Da Hip Hop Doc:



Reaching Children through Dancing Activities

Truth be told children love to be active, move, and jump around.  I’ve observed my son’s classroom teach play dance music and the children immediately begin to dance and move around and loving it, perfect form of exercise. Why not incorporate dancing into the routine our school systems?  This would improve our children’s muscular fitness, burn calories, and help the children concentrate better in class.

The HealthDude Solution

HealthDude specializes in providing healthy foods, nutrition education, fitness programs, medical intervention, and technology to reach to children to affect lifestyle changes.

Obesity, & related diseases; diabetes, heart disease, & cancer are skyrocketing. In the U.S. 34% of adults are obese. 17% of kids are obese. Also skyrocketing are the costs of healthcare in dealing with this national epidemic. This trend is costing us at every turn.

  • Higher rates of students & employee absence
  • Lower productivity at schools & work
  • Higher insurance premiums

HealthDude looks to reverse that trend by engaging everyone in a program where:

  • Healthy eating choices are learned & engrained
  • More physical activity is available & attained
  • Better habits are developed & routine!

We will engage all aspects of a child’s life, & all of their influences:

  • Licensed nutritionist who provide diet and nutrition assessments and counseling including culturally sensitive group education
  • Fitness programs for both children and adults
  • Certification programs for parents, teachers, & children
  • School chef training & understanding realistic options for better eating
  • Live Streaming software ready to be implemented into every school
  • Goal of 1,000,000 children will be FED, MOVED, & EDUCATED daily
  • Allowing for 10,000 new jobs will be created (union & non-union)
  • Program already implemented in California, Switzerland, & Germany