HealthDude Consulting Services

The HealthDude Organization works with the entire community from individual clients to professional groups and organizations.  If you have need a health consultation or an evaluation of your health program these service below may offer you some help or direction to not only a healthier you but a healthier more effect health program.

HealthDude is committed to deliver real solutions to a growing number of organizations that need guidance in moving forward with health initiatives, compliance, and promotion of health activities.

Even though policy and advocacy is a top priority in disseminating health information, the issue lies with the implementation. Positive messages about exercising, eating correctly, and general healthy habits must be delivered in a format that resonates with your audience which is key to converting a mindset of well-being. This is truly an art form.  How do you implement those policies into practice? Plenty of organizations have great information but application is unique to each scenario and it requires a proven methodology. HealthDude is composed of teachers, nutritionists, doctors, medical consultants, and program directors to assist acting as individual consultations as well as managing the re-organization of health policy.

HealthDude Services:


  • Facility Licensing
  • Medical Billing
  • Nutrition Protocols
  • Nutrition Lectures
  • Sober Living Facilities


Individual Consultations

When trying to get back into health or overcome a medical condition you have to start by examining the individual nutrition depletions.  Different kinds of scenarios make up the stress of life, diet, and the unique chemistry of each individual will deplete different nutrients over different periods of time.  A good nutritionist will be able to assess lifestyle, analyze blood work or other means to see what depletions match up with the symptoms of the individual to see which depleted nutrients will cause the most long term harm and find a way to replenish it by an enhanced diet and/or nutritional supplement. Another aspect of individual consultation is having someone to be accountable to.  This can see in a client and health coach relationship where new habits are encouraged by health coach through regular one-on-one phone and/or in person consultations.


Weight Loss Programs

Medical weight loss programs are fun way to introduce and instill healthy techniques and meal replacements to a medical practice patient base.  Many patients enjoy group meetings where people can share their successes and struggles to a group of people that share the common goal of getting healthy.  In this scenario, a nurse, office manager, and/or a nutritionist set up a protocol where the medical doctor makes recommendation to his/her patients to join the group and nutritionist follows up.  Usually the whole office becomes health conscious in the process and synergy spreads throughout the office. So how do you manage such an operation?  Can a medical practice make additional cash flow that is vital these days to stay in business?    These are common questions that physicians look into before installing a program.  Find out the numerous ways to to convert your practice into a wellness practice.

School Nutrition Programs

Many school districts are still trying to implement wellness policies follow the general guidelines set up the board of education. Even though these strategies are important to document what health policies are going to be part of the school general policies including education curriculum and what foods are going to be offered to the students – these policies take time and effort to develop. HealthDude specializes in providing healthy foods, nutrition education, fitness programs, medical intervention, and technology to reach to children to affect lifestyle changes.

City Health Initiative Consultation

Local government have a very important role is governing health information and dispensing it to their communities.   Much of their health awareness efforts come from free literature and free events from the Let’s Move campaign.  New ways of promoting happy and healthy messages to children are now coming from new media sources where health advocates and celebrities interact in new ways with their young fans.  More and more videos and music link their music and influence to happiness, health and fitness.  This is a rapid growing area of positive influence to shape the future of children.  A really exciting time to implement many new strategies that at first many critics were doubtful that were going to affect long term new healthy habits.  Now initial surveys and observance have found health awareness is making an important contribution to the way children think about food and exercise. As usual, the key to any children’s health program is to make it fun for everyone.

Substance Recovery Program Management Rehabilitation

Chemical dependencies treatment centers are still struggling to define modern and advanced therapies in combination with nutrition.  Many clinicians agree that studies demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that enhancing a program’s success stems to incorporate a nutritional protocol means a long term success with their clients.  More nutritious food and exercise during a treatment phase and through the first year of the recovering addicts have a faster and fuller recovery.  Many benefits include improved sleep, mood stabilization, less anxiety, and probably the most important, little or no cravings of drugs. A strong physical body is capable of fighting off stressors that could trigger a relapse.  Many substance abuse centers know this fact but are not sure how to incorporate such a program and how to make it affordable so their clients can get the benefits and the centers do not lose money in their implementation of such a program. This is where HealthDude can easily show you the scope on delivering such a high impact program for a very reasonable price.

Corporate Wellness Programs

When working with a company to install a healthy lifestyle program initial concerns:

  • Is this program going to reduce sick days?
  • Is it easy to implement?
  • Are there any liabilities with such a program where employee may be endangering their health?

These concerns are understandable but knowing what and how to teach health and motivate employees to eat better and exercise more frequently produces much more efficient workers.

Incentives and regular health huddles among co-workers and management do wonders to improve motivation in this arena.  Some companies have gone to the great length of introducing health coaches and weight management groups to their compensation plans to address obesity. Furthermore, there are some great tools such as replacing chairs with giant fitness balls to gently train the core muscles of their employees while they are working at their desks.  Taking the time to explore fitness options leads to happy workers and retains them for longer terms of employment. The bottom line is invest in your employees’ health and they will serve the company more purposely.

Pharmacy Wellness Programs

Conventional pharmacies relay on making a slight profit on the filling of prescriptions.  The more space the pharmacy has the more it will sell vitamins and households items. The truth is unless it is a giant pharmacy, the cost to display products on selves is higher than the money made back from offering those products.  Real progress on my making a pharmacy more profitable is in converting to a wellness pharmacy offering compounding of natural hormones and products and offering wellness services.  One of the easiest way to make wellness part of your pharmacy is to offer a weight management program.  A weight management program that is supported by everyone that works in the pharmacy will not only make your patients healthier and giving you a steady stream of referrals but also makes the pharmacy much more profitable.  Learn to help your bottom line, but offering your patients health solutions that do not require them to take more medication and you will have the most loyal patients that will rave about your pharmacy.  Our pharmacy consultants develop marketing strategies, identify additional cash flow centers, make pharmacy more efficient, and even build compounding centers that fit right into your existing pharmacies.  Let us know how we may be able to improve your pharmacy.