HealthDude Testimonials

August 31, 2005
Dear Robert,

I want to tell you again how grateful I am that I had the opportunity to meet you during my visit to California. When I took myself off Premarin, I was aware of the dreaded hot flashes and night sweats but was not prepared for the drastic change in my personality due to lack of sleep and mood swings. After 3 months of attempting to adjust, I was so exhausted and very close to refilling my Premarin prescription when one day my daughter said to me on the telephone, “I have a neighbor that works with those exact issues and you should talk to him when you visit.” I was willing to do anything that might help me feel better and return to the quality of life I had previously enjoyed.

I knew very little about natural hormones and I wasn’t aware of a physician in our area that dealt with that therapy so when you asked me to have specific tests before my visit to my daughter, I am so glad I followed through on your request. I was skeptical to say the least that the progesterone cream you gave me would make a difference but when I awoke the following morning after a great night’s sleep and no night sweats, I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to go to bed that evening to see if it really worked or I was just so tired, I had finally slept through the night. Again, I slept and felt great all day, no hot flashes and I didn’t need a nap to get me through the day. I was so relieved because I felt so much better, more like myself again and that has been my experience since our visit.

I will never be an expert on this subject but our conversation and reading Dr. Lee’s book on natural hormone therapy as you suggested has given me more insight into what my body needs. Upon my return, I felt confident enough in your expertise regarding natural estrogen and progesterone that I requested my doctor prescribe what you suggested. I was surprised to learn that she was perfectly willing but confessed that she does not suggest it unless her patient requests it. She was also agreeable to prescribing Armour Thyroid to replace the Synthroid I had been taking. If I had not met you, I would not have known to ask.

Again, I want to thank you for your expertise and dedication to this research as it has certainly made a difference in my life.

Joann Bishop
Ft. Myers, Florida


Dr. Michael Foudy, D.C.
Dr. Britt Froh, DC
RE: Robert Karlsson, Nutritionist

I have been coming to your office for almost two months. The stretches that I have been taught are helping me receive excellent adjustments and also my posture is continuing to improve, in part thanks to the daily use of the Posture Pulley.
I attended a health seminar led by Dr. Foudy and Robert Karlsson. Robert addressed approximately twelve health areas and I had issues with nine! I spoke to Robert afterward and he assured me he could help.

Well, I am now able to sleep through the night for the first time in fifteen years thanks to Robert!! Moreover, I no longer sleep nine and ten hours nor do I wake up feeling groggy. Before, I was unable to wake up without the alarm clock. Now, I wake up on my own and for me that is amazing. My family doctor had been prescribing sleeping pills for me for years, assuring me they were not addictive. No health care professional ever seemed concerned when I mentioned my sleeping difficulties. Robert was the only person who knew what the problem was and how to correct the problem. He is now helping me lose weight and I have successfully lost eight pounds in nine days. I had tried almost all diets and never had this success. As important as weight loss is, what impresses me most is that I feel well all the time. For longer than I can remember I have just felt like I was dragging through the day. Now I have energy and am accomplishing far more than ever before and I feel a tremendous motivation that was sadly lacking.

Thank you Dr. Foudy, Dr. Froh and especially Robert Karlsson for all the help you have given me.


Jeannie Mandrioli


Dear Robert:

Due to my shoulder break almost twenty years ago, I was suffering much pain with
severe arthritis in the joint, had lower back pain, and was told I was facing a shoulder
replacement. I suffered anxiety due to this pain and was on several medications for that
condition along with blood pressure medication, RX’s for digestion, osteoporosis, aspirin,
and was told I needed to take statins to lower cholesterol.

Since my first visit with you and Dr. Varese on August 31, 2004 and starting your
program for good health , i.e. Dr. Rath Vitamins, Vitalzym, and natural hormone
replacement, I have experienced a remarkably positive change in my physical, mental,
and spiritual condition. Within two weeks the pain in my left foot subsided, I was able to
sleep in bed all night, and the shoulder pain improved to the point where I felt I enjoyed
life once again.

I chose to follow your natural plan gradually. With the addition of the natural hormones
the depression and anxiety subsided over time and I feel years younger with more energy
and strength. I stopped all medication except for the blood pressure and digestion pills.
With the addition of the coral calcium and liquid calcium for the osteoporosis and regular
exercise, I looked forward to improved test results in a reasonable time. YES!– my last
bone density test showed that I have improved from osteoporosis level to the osteopenia
level. I believe it is due to your care and program over this last year.
I am gratefully performing regularly as a pianist when I thought I would have to give up
my profession! Many thanks for your help and guidance.

Mary Vasile


Re: Nutrition/Hormones
Dear Robert:

I wanted to let you know that I am so grateful to have found you. I have lived my whole life trying to be a happy person. I worked hard and played sports and tried to pursue things in my life that would make me a better person and no matter what I accomplished I still was never really happy with what I had in my life or happy with myself. I always felt like I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs if someone made me angry and I got to the point that I would cry at the drop of a hap and seemed to not have any control over my emotions. I would not sleep well, because I would wake up in the middle of the night and get a glass of water and when I would return to bed I would get these intense hot flashes, so then I am thinking great I am 38 and going through menopause, what a depressing thought. And when I played any type of sport I would be so overly intense I began to alienate many of my good friends and it got so bad that I have pretty much lost every tennis partner I have ever had, because they could not handle my moods on the court. That was such a depressing time in my life that I got to the point that I did not want to play tennis anymore, because I was not enjoying it anymore and this is something that I have loved pretty much my whole life. And not only were my moods putting me in a serious depression, I also had been battling my weight for several years and had tried everything you can possibly imagine and nothing seemed to work and I felt so horrible about myself and I did not like to look at myself and felt so ugly and unattractive and would hide so that I could try to avoid having to go out in public and have to endure that insecure feeling of not feeling good about yourself and I pretty much was at the pint in my life that I gave up and said to myself, this is what your life is and this is pretty much as good as it is going to get and it was a depressing thought, but that is where I was in my life. Then the miracle happened.

My friend Christine introduced me to you and said that you could probably help me with what I was going through and like most people I was very skeptical and thought come on there is no way that anything is going to help me. I had a physical just 6 months ago and they said there were no problems with me and so I figured my physician would know what he was talking about. Boy was I wrong. I am so glad that I went to your office and had the blood work done because you changed my life. Since you have put me on the growth hormone and progesterone and enzymes it is like I was a brand new person. I have never in my whole life felt so calm. I wake up each day feeling good and not gloomy. And right before my cycle I usually have these horrible thoughts of depression and cry and I am really angry and I am so shocked that I did not have any symptoms and I felt so calm. I have to tell you this is so amazing to me that feeling this way is possible. And once I started feeling good and began the enzymes I noticed even more changes in my skin and the way I felt physically. I have always had really dry skin and I figured it was just heredity, but since starting the enzymes I noticed a drastic change in my skin and my general well-being. With your support I began to realize that maybe I don’t have to live with my weight and there was something out there that could help me and you put me on the detox program and that was an amazing product I felt so good while doing it I figured it would be like those other detox products out there and I would have a really hard time with it, but it was not bad at all and I felt great afterwards and was starting to get pumped to begin the journey to get fit. I am so glad you introduced me to the Zone diet, what a wonderful meal plan and it is so simple and you actually feel like you are cheating when on this diet because you can have such large quantities of foods that you like that is all good for you. It was amazing that when I began the hormones, enzymes, and Zone meal plan how different my eating habits became. I have always had a sweet tooth and since being on your plan I have had no desire for any type of sweets. Now that is amazing to me because for people that know me, I adore chocolate and live to have candy and I have not craved sweets (including juice) in over 3 months. Well, when I began feeling so good I wanted to continue to see just how good I could feel and began having the confidence to believe in myself and wanted to feel even better about myself and I am saving the best for last. The European Weight Loss Program, what a miracle. As I said earlier in my letter, I tried everything under the sun, (Cortislim, Atkins, Veg, and protein). You name it I tried it and I was the most skeptical of this because I thought, “How am I going to lose weight on this program”? Well to my amazement I have now lost a total of 30 pounds with the help of the enzymes, hormone therapy and the wonderful European Weight Loss Program. And the best part is that you are not starved and you feel so amazing while on this product. I had so much energy while on the product I would go to spin class 4 times a week and play tennis and I felt great and the more weight I would lose the more motivated I would get and I just want you to know that I will be forever grateful for all of your help and support and for anyone that is struggling with the same things I did, don’t accept your fate, go for it and believe that this can work for you, because I am a living testament to a program that changed my life forever and I will always be grateful to you for helping me be the person I have always wanted to be and to enjoy life that I did not think was possible.

Jacqueline B. Pehkoff