Art Therapies

Art Therapy

In art therapy, a person uses his creativity and imagination to make art that expresses himself in a healthy and productive way. The goal of art therapy is for the person to expand his/her forms of communications in order to better convey his/her experiences. Many forms of media can be used and is designed as a type of expressive group therapy that can help people Express their thoughts and feelings that they may not be able to say with words. This therapy is especially helpful for people who have underlying psychological issues related to their addiction, such as history of mental or physical abuse.


A group activity involving a creative bracelet construction using many different beads and jewelry accessories. Clients work on improving their neurological motor and concentration skills designed to remap the of hand and eye coordination with the purpose of dissociating using hands for drug paraphernalia. Furthermore, group should be led by counselor in order to teach humility as this class is about making bracelets with intention to give away to someone special or someone that client hurt in past. Each bracelet is constructed in high quality components and gem stones and accessories. Perfect group class for the holiday blues during Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

God Box

Many of us are going through much change right now and with change brings worry and anxiety. When change occurs in life, it may feel unsettling for us and we may feel worried about the way things are moving for us. Maybe things aren’t happening quick enough or maybe it’s quite the opposite as in thing’s are happening and unfolding too quickly. In this group, clients painted and decorated their own little wooden box that will be used to store the hand written notes about their worries and concerns. The idea is to give up the clients concerns to God and empower to focus on things that they can change.


Dream Catchers

The Dream Catcher as known as “Sacred Hoops,” were traditionally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, from bad dreams and nightmares. Good dreams pass through and gently slide down the feathers to comfort the sleeper below. This art is a relaxing way to express good vibes to healing.