About HealthDude

HealthDude’s Mission:  To implement the latest youth-oriented health information and to provide expert hands-on training and counseling in nutrition and physical activity throughout our local community for the purpose of reversing and preventing obesity. Obesity sets the stage for an array of medical conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, diabetes, depression and low self-esteem. HealthDude’s Healthy Kids Program strives to promote extraordinary results: the maintenance of healthy weight and the reduction of the instances of medical conditions associated with overweight. A healthier kid is a more optimistic, productive, and well-adjusted kid!

Where did HealthDude Obtain this New, Up-to-Date Health Information?
Ongoing studies throughout the last decade provide the necessary data to support the need for new strategies. For example, one recent study that U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein granted to California State University-Fullerton and Dr. Geddisman, demonstrates the significance of having a team of experts from different collaborative disciplines to effect behavioral change. In addition, Mission Hospital Community Outreach Program hosts health and nutrition block parties in low-income, obese-prone communities in order to introduce families to healthy lifestyles. Data is collected at each event to find out how health professional interaction in a fun format is motivating the families to lose weight and get healthy.
Who is HealthDude?
HealthDude is a collaborative of dedicated nutritionists, physicians, trainers and community leaders who provide education, awareness, and knowledge to everyone Worldwide in order to help others in achieving their health and nutritional goals, and in turn promote healthy habits.

Some of its contributors include:

  • MaxVoice – Provides a global youth community, endorsed by the Swiss and German governments. Some of their services include studio lessons, vocal coaching, vocal production and hands-on preparation for castings, and auditions for established and emerging artists. One main focus is to produce music and video for the sole purpose of providing a positive influence for children.
  • Tha Hip Hop Doc – A Maxvoice production for which Rani G. Whitfield, M.D., a board certified family physician, created hip-hop nutrition songs in order to reach out to youth. His message is simple: “Our children are dying from preventable and treatable diseases. Education, awareness, and community involvement can save their lives.” His songs have resonated with thousands of children and have become big hits. Due to his success, he now sits on Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move board.

>> Here is one of his songs produced for HealthDude: (http://www.maxvoice.ch/Jugend_Verband/healthdude.html)

  • Language Nest– Bringing high energy learning curriculums of foreign languages and cultures to children and adults through innovative techniques such as dancing, singing, and other arts while having fun.
  • Reddtech – HealthDude website.  We are your local neighborhood mobile computer repair shop who specialize in both desktop and laptop computer repair as well as website and internet troubleshooting and setup for the home and business.
  • Alberto Geddisman, M.D.- A true pioneer, and Orange County’s only pediatric obesity doctor, joins HealthDude’s team as medical consultant for upcoming clinics. Dr. Geddisman has received many awards and recognitions for his research on childhood obesity. He has numerous TV appearances to his credit, including Good Morning America and The Mix. His work has also been featured in many magazines.
  • Barry Sears, Ph.D.- Founder of The Zone Diet. His diet principals have revolutionized common understandings about how food groups such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats contribute to human well-being.
  • Jodi Jones, Ph.D.-Author of The Vitality Connection and the founder of Vitality Gourmet, has demonstrated that healthy food can also be tasty. Her unique recipes and organic kitchen have satisfied and inspired even the fussiest of eaters.
  • Sports Director- Currently Interviewing for position; please contact The HealthDude if you are interested…

Which Providers & Organizations use this New Information?
This youth-oriented health knowledge is currently in use and promoted by thousands of local communities, schools, food manufactures, healthcare systems, and entertainment sectors nationwide to create awareness and to promote the health of our children! HealthDude also supports the Let’s Move initiative as it implements these new federal government guidelines at the local community level, reaching its youth through unique channels.
Taking Action:
The federal government is now promoting the dispersal of this youth-oriented health information through Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, which gave national attention to the child obesity epidemic. She stated that child obesity will be an astronomical financial burden on the United States through accrued medical costs. However, if we start reversing it we can literally save billions in tax dollars. Her plan of action is easy: “Make short, easy changes that lead to really great results.” Please click icon to see Michelle Obama’s initial Let’s Move message:  >>Lets Move!
Since Let’s Move debuted, it has sparked many government agencies and independent affiliates to evaluate CSU’s study data, along with others, to form new programs designed to assist in the eradication of childhood obesity. Local government advocates have also been very vocal in promoting the health of our youth:

  • Senator Dianne Feinstein– Introduced many legislative initiatives for child health protection, such as a ban on bisphenol (BPA) from all food and beverage containers. BPA is linked to early puberty, breast cancer, childhood obesity, and neurological and behavioral changes.
  • Senator Loretta Sanchez-Has been lobbying and promoting federal funding of local organizations that support mental health, physical activity, and proper nutrition for children.
  • Senator Lou Correa – Is very active in the local Santa Ana, California community and created the SCR77 bill–Childhood Obesity Prevention and Fitness Weeek.

Intended Outcome?
HealthDude is now featuring the HealthDude’s Healthy Kids Program after analyzing the remarkable results of both the CalState Fullerton youth health study and the constructive results of HealthDude’s professional contributors. HealthDude Healthy Kids Program is available for easy implementation into local school systems and after-school establishments. It features experts best able to teach and motivate children to stay healthy. It also utilizes a vast array of resources in the entertainment sector that will assist in the promotion of any organization’s health objectives. In addition, HealthDude’s research team will continue to decipher and implement the latest information and corresponding studies. For more information on this program please visit the Healthy Kids Program section.